stitch, pack…. coffee … stitch, pack pack!

Carnival Balloons

May madness is upon us at Craft Schmaft. I’ve been so lucky to have wonderful friends Belinda, Rachel and my super mum helping to get everything ready for markets. Here’s where you’ll find me over the next few weeks:

It’s been a flurry of activity but last night I looked back at the growing stacks of patterns, fabric and kits all ready to go and had a little proud moment.

vintage_cabinet_2 Move over plates. The vintage cabinet is no longer filled with crockery, instead it’s filled with beautifully folded fabric panels, boxes of owl kits and baby zillas galore. Being a complete craft addict I think I prefer it this way.


The balloons have all been stitched up….balloons_in_progress
…and named Carnival. Thank you so much for all the name suggestions!

Hot Air Balloons carnival

So now there’s just flamingo patterns to arrive today and be packed and a few stand display bits. Must be time for another coffee.



10 thoughts on “stitch, pack…. coffee … stitch, pack pack!

  1. How wife wanted to call her section of our blog “craft schmaft”. Nice posts! I’ll show my wife so she can try some of this stuff one day.

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