The flamingo has landed

Hello Flamingo Sewing Pattern

For your downloading pleasure may I present, Hello Flamingo softie pattern available in both print and e-pattern format. Get it here in the Craft Schmaft store or here on Etsy.

She made quite the debut at The Finders Keepers market in Sydney, flew down to Canberra and then sold out in a week on her perch at the Sydney Craft Fair. She’s spruced up her feathers, applied a little more mascara and has firmly landed in the interwebby. I love that you fabulous blog readers come from all over the world and while most of you can’t be in Sydney, Miss Flamingo will gladly fly to you. Ahhh the wonders of modern technology.

Hello Flamingo Sewing Pattern


I have to send a massive shout out and thanks to the flamboyance of flamingo testers whose stitching, feedback and fantastic suggestions have made this pattern as wonderful as it is including: Sophie, Emily, Steph, Mel, Celine, Susan, Hetty, Lou, Susan and Aniera. Also a big thanks to over 100 of you who offered to test the pattern – wow… such support is amazing.

Here’s what some of the testers had to say:

“I love transforming a plain sock into something so pretty. It looks really difficult and complicated, but is very easy to do!”

“I loved watching the bird come to life. My daughter was watching it too and it’s a great way to open up discussion.”

“Keep the lovely patterns coming, they are fantastic!”


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