Market time

I’m in the thick of markets and fairs – three in three weeks. Some would say I’m crazy but you know what, I love it! Working from home isn’t always easy and I’m the kind of person who works better with the pressure of a deadline. The last few weeks have been filled with amazing friends and family packing kits, cutting fabric, weighing stuffing and even delivering homemade soup. I am one very lucky girl. Thank you so much Belinda, Rachel, Elly, Brian and Mum!

The Finders Keepers market was last Friday and Saturday – it’s been so long since I had a market in my home town and I relished every second. So many bloggy, instagram and facebook friends stopped by and I saw old work colleagues I hadn’t caught up with in years.

Here’s a few pics from the market..



This was me taking a selfie to show my wordbomb necklace by overit designs. I can tell you that I felt like a right idiot taking my own photo at a market and, of course, just as I was striking a pose a flood of customers came up to the stand. Cue me blushing and explaining that it was to show the necklace for a friend and that ummm…. eerrr… I really didn’t usually take photos of myself at a market… and umm…. how embarrassment!

Flamingo at Finders Keepers
The Flamingo made her debut and what a debut it was… Yay! She was very well received and I hope to have the patterns and kits up in the online store in the next couple of days.

Coming up this weekend is the wonderful Handmade Canberra Market.

It’s worldwide Knit In Public day and there’ll be free knitting and crochet workshops as well as wonderful handmade items galore. I’ll be there with the sticks, come and say hello!

Handmade Canberra Market




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