My creative space on The Red Thread

The lovely Lisa of The Red Thread has recently posted an interview with me as part of her “Space to Create” series. Lots of piccies and some tough questions like “How would you describe yourself in 6 words”… you can read the interview and more over here.

Hot Air Balloons in Carnival

Hot Air Balloons in my Craft Room

Aside from being flattered that Lisa would want to feature me on her blog it really made me think about how far I’ve come on this crafty journey of mine. I spend so much time looking forward, thinking about what’s next that I often forget just how far I’ve come.  Stopping to look back through old blog posts, designs, life and adventures reinforced something that I try and keep in mind (and fail dismally at!).

“Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”.



In other news I’ve been taking some time out from madly packing kits and patterns to have some “free crafting” time. It’s been bliss to spend an afternoon just sketching, playing with fabric and seeing where my mind takes me. Now that school holidays are over (phew) my play time will be turned into a softie tutorial to hopefully share with you all later in the week.


13 thoughts on “My creative space on The Red Thread

  1. Great post and a fantastic quote. It’s so true that we always move forward and don’t look back at what we’ve achieved! I will definitely take a moment to do just that!

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