Fabric Cloud Tutorial

fabric_cloud_tutorial_titleCreate cute hanging clouds from fabric – a fantastic stash buster and very quick room decor idea.


Material List:

  • Fabric (20 x 30cm or 8 x 12″ for large cloud)
  • Fusible webbing – double sided
    (I used Vleisofix)
  • Matching all purpose thread

Useful Tools:

  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle for handsewing

Click here for the Fabric Cloud Pattern Pieces

Cloud Pattern Pieces

Step 1:  Fuse Fabric
Create a fabric sandwich. Place one piece of fabric, right side down, on an ironing board. Position a layer of fusible webbing on top of the fabric. Either fold or place second piece of fabric, right side up, on top of the webbing. Iron well to fuse it all together.

Hint: You can see a video demo of fusing fabric in my Mini Bunting Tutorial here.


Now you should have one stiffer piece of fused fabric with print on both sides. Repeat with as many fabric variations as you like.

Step 2: Cut out clouds
Place two pieces of your fused fabric together, pin a cloud pattern piece on top and cut out – you’ll end up with two identical cloud pieces.


Step 3:  Mark the centre
Fold the cloud pieces in half horizontally, squeeze the fold to leave a mark – this represents your centre of the cloud.


Step 4: Stitch Clouds
Stitch a line (by hand or machine) from the bottom to the top of the cloud along the centre fold mark. Leave a long tail of thread at the top – this is how you’ll hang the cloud.



Step 5:  Iron out
Fan out the cloud and give a quick iron so that the fabric sits at right angles (perpendicular).



Step 6: Hang in clusters
Hang them from a light fitting, doorway or even use little removable hooks stuck to the ceiling… and enjoy!

Fabric Cloud Hanging




37 thoughts on “Fabric Cloud Tutorial

    • Thanks Ellie, love your blog! I sincerely hope I run into you one day completing your bucket list item ” Jump out of random closets in Ikea, yelling: “Oh my god, Narnia is so awesome!” What an awesome idea.

      • Hope I do to! Sounds fun! I was searching the web for cool thing to do…found a website with about a million stupid ones…but this has to be the best! Till our meeting in Ikea!

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