Mad pastel project

It’s been sunshine and a little glimpse of early spring around here and I thought I’d give you a little peek into my world this week. It’s a random treasury of colours, type and texture that have been inspiring a project that has been bubbling away for a while. In typical moi style, I’ve suddenly imposed a deadline on it. You see I thought that it would be a great thing to have this done by my little munchkin’s birthday party…. ahem… which is … ahem… now only two weeks away. If that won’t get me moving nothing will!

So I’m playing with pastel colours – Tiffany blue, peachy apricots and vintage-ish reds.

I’m adoring scripty lettering like this “Brand” typeface which I think I’m going to have to purchase!

The colour, texture and delicacy of Macarons by Le Dolci on Flickr. 

Macarons by Le Dolci
…and pale ice-creamery tones.ice_cream_texture
Put it together and you have the Ice Cream Project back on track. Can I design and make a fabric ice-cream shop and play ice-cream for a birthday party in two weeks? Well I hope so. I do love a challenge and declaration that I’m going to finish a project but I would recommend you fasten your seat belts folks, this crafty ride could get a little rocky.



5 thoughts on “Mad pastel project

  1. Hi there, as well as loving all your lovely projects I’m also loving that typeface! Any ideas where I could purchase it? Many thanks 🙂

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