The ice cream shop begins

The past week has been a flurry of designing the Ice Cream Shop for my little munchkin’s 3rd birthday. I had already stitched up a few prototypes out of calico over summer and, with a few nips and tucks, I figured out the construction of a fabric panel hanging from a door way to form the shop. I don’t know about you but storage of toys in this house is a big thing, so my aim is to create a shop that can be rolled up and packed away in a drawstring bag at the end of the day.

Calico prototype

As with pretty much every project, I swung from a simple design to wwaaaay over complex and then refined it back down again. If advertising taught me anything it’s that crystallising your ideas into the purest, most elegant solution produces the best work… but… oh man… it’s the hardest thing to do. That balance of delightful detail versus clever simplicity is the holy grail for me.  With the construction and measurements all done I set about designing the panel. This is the fun part – colour, type and little flourishes.


Yesterday the fabric prints arrived in the post, oh the joy of opening that little package! Here’s how the fabric looks, there are a few things I’d tweak but for now it’s time to sew it all up.

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past week. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into how I work. I always love reading behind the scenes of other people’s creative process – everyone has different ways of approaching things.  For me it’s a labour of love filled with little moments of joy, frustration, inspiration, blocks, breaks, works and re-works. It’s like solving a puzzle and most definitely 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Is that what it’s like for you?


8 thoughts on “The ice cream shop begins

  1. Can’t wait to see this finished. I hadn’t ever thought you can get images printed on fabric. Can’t wait to see it finished, good luck! My ideas always start with brilliant intensions then the breaks become more and more frequent turning into 100% perspiration x

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