Quick 1980s tulle skirt

Last weekend we headed to Melbourne for an 80s fancy dress party – ooooh the 80s, so much fun and so many fashion crimes to answer to all at the same time. I’m had decided on a Cindy Lauper look and had gotten hold of a few choice pieces to wear but I couldn’t possibly go without making something. I have vivid memories of my mum making dance concert costumes for us with cobalt blue and neon pink tulle and more sequins than you can imagine. I can even recall the late night swearing as she had to sew the aforementioned sequins onto leotards in their thousands. Oh the commitment!

So I made a tulle layered skirt that requires zero stitching. Love a bit of craft cheating.


You will need: 

  • 1 piece of black ribbon or grosgrain, about 1 metre or a yard long and an inch wide.
  • 4 metres/4 yards of netting or tulle (I used 1 metre of each colour)


Take a piece of netting/tulle 1 metre long and fold it in half. Cut this into strips about 5 inches/15cm wide, keeping the fold of the netting at the top. Repeat this with three other colours (I recommend cobalt blue, black and two shades of neon pink). tulle_skirt_strips

Taper the top of the tulle (where the fold is) down to about 8cm (3 inches) as shown below. This doesn’t need to be exactly measured, it just helps avoid too much bulk down around the waist when you assemble the skirt. tulle_taper Loop and Knot each piece of the tulle over the ribbon like this:



It’s done with a really basic hitch:

Continue with alternating colours.


Until you have this (80s rocker husband optional). Simply tie the ribbon around your waist and secure with a bow, wear over leggings and with fingerless gloves for full effect:


If your netting or tulle isn’t sticking out enough scrunch and spray with hairspray (yes we really did this in the 80s) which you, of course, will have on hand to help with ridiculous 80s hairstyles.


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