Made by you: Hot Air Balloons

I love the sprinkling of Hot Air Balloons across the interwebs at the moment. Here are some beautiful balloons made by Schmaft customers that I’ve come across:

Stunning balloons in Tula Pink Fabric by SixOrangeSocks.sixorangesocks2

Here are Kyra’s gorgeous balloons. Love the colours and that she added a few extras, it looks great!


Here are Amy’s gorgeous balloons complete with matching big bunting…


And Cindy has been busy making balloons as party favors for her daughter’s birthday. Just look at this lovely lot…



11 thoughts on “Made by you: Hot Air Balloons

  1. Oh my gosh, I don’t have children, but I would LOVE to make a few of these hot air balloons to hang by a string to hang up in my room! These are so creative. Now, my only dilemma will be to choose what fabrics to use for my balloons!

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