The unbearable task of destashing

In just three weeks we’re moving from Sydney to Hong Kong.

Visas have come through, schools have been applied for, hotels and flights have been booked. There’s just the… ahem…. small task of my craft room. Oh dear God. I have spent years building up a stash of fabric, buttons, trims, notions and all manner of supplies. Now that I’m staring down the barrel of a tiny urban flat I’m going to have to have a serious clear out of what is known in these parts as the woman cave.

I can only take one box of craft items with me. And that has to include my sewing machine. Yes, it’s insane. I know that you understand this but my dear husband seems to think it’s quite reasonable. I can see that I’ll be sneaking extra items in with the kids toys and kitchen supplies. oops.


The silver lining of this cloud is having awesome asia craft supplies on my doorstep but how on earth am I going to destash my beloved craft room? What should I take? Do I prioritise the vintage items over others? It’s an unbearable task.


I began last week by sewing up lots of my red stash into bunting – this kind of destash I can definitely manage however I’d need another year to stitch it all up into projects.

Sewing Bunting in progress

So – any destash tips out there?



21 thoughts on “The unbearable task of destashing

  1. You are asking the wrong person. I am a hoarder and can’t bear to destash!

    Best of luck to you. Necessity is the mother of invention so be inventive! 🙂

  2. Maybe, instead of wrapping the kitchen supplies in paper, you could wrap then in fabric. With our recent move, I used fabric to both line boxes, and top them up. Where there is a will, there is a way…

    Also, sort boxes you leave at home in to projects so that can be easily posted to you in your new location. So exciting. If you need a Craft Schmaft warehouse. distribution centre, you know where I am. 🙂

    • OH MY! You are an absolute genius Jade – why didn’t I think of wrapping the kitchen stuff in fabric. Oh and I may seriously take you up on the warehouse distribution centre, very exciting possibilities lie ahead in Honkers.

  3. So I was thinking you drop everything at my place and as you use your stash in Hong Kong I’ll send you stuff from your destash… I might dable a little in your loot too!! Hahahaha honestly though that’s a massive task! Make piles accordingly so you can see how much there is? Keep, Donate, Sell… Good luck!


    • Look at you with your new blog Mrs! You’re welcome to dabble in my loot any time 🙂 Actually I would like to donate a lot of supplies – do you know of anywhere that would actually use them? Vinnies is great but to be honest I think a charity that works with kids/creative therapy would be my preference. I’ve got about 15 kilos of stuffing!

  4. I’m not sure I can help you with any tips on how to de-stash, I am rubbish at throwing away craft items myself, but I can suggest stuffing items into your shoes in order to sneak more than your allotted box-full out!

  5. Oh Claire, I do sympathy . I am trying to clear out my clear calligraphy stuff. Not just a cupboard, more like a room! Love Carol


  6. When I moved my craft room into a caravan I thought I’d never be able to make it work. Much went in storage and much went to friends who I knew would actually use it. I think I had accumulated a lot of ‘what-if-I-found-a-great-use-for-this-in-the-future’ stuff. Which I now don’t miss not having. It is amazing how much you can do in a small space though. I have 1 big box, plus my sewing machine and I have active knitting, crocheting, patchwork quilting and fashion sewing projects on the go. Then I have another smaller box for paper craft too. It’s liberating. Because now I can see what projects I’m actually working on and get them done. Rather than being in a room full of craft supplies and often not ever completing anything!

    • So your craft room is now in a caravan? That’s awesome! I have to agree, there are things in the stash that need to go and less is definitely more when it cones to unfinished projects. Here’s hoping I have that liberated feeling that you’ve experienced Heike – thanks for the inspiration!

  7. if you’re looking to donate stuff, I will be running some craft days during the summer holidays at my church for the kids. we only have about 20 kids, so anything you might be able to spare would be super helpful.

    I’m also designing/decorating my friends wedding, and the budget is pretty small, so I also have a loving home here for any blue fabrics, ribbons, lace, twine, glass jars, bottles, buttons, paper scraps. I also live in sydney, so let me know if you’d be able to help me out 🙂 🙂 thankyou!!!

  8. You could use instagram and sell things on there. It seems to work well everyone just uses paypal. That way you can make some money on things you are getting rid of, so you can buy new stuff possibly in HK 😉

    I know I would buy 🙂

    • Oh if only I’d thought of that! Actually I kept my favourites and gave the rest to a local charity group who make quilts for sick children. I was so glad to gift it to those wonderful ladies.

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