The gingerbread house

Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House

There’s something about the wit and whimsy of a gingerbread house that I just love. I started my “house” career when my son was born. I was all inspired by Diane at  craftypod, and overflowing with new mother hormones, I wanted to start a little Christmas tradition. In typical moi fashion, it has turned into an epic baking event each year.

My first gingerbread house was very modest, but I had an absolute ball making it in my “I have a 6 week old baby” sleep deprived haze. It’s the little details like the lollie trees, star anise and cinnamon logs that I love creating.

Gingerbread house with star

The second house, also known as the “ikea” had to be baked and then flat packed to be transported to our family Christmas in Melbourne and assembled on-site. I seem to recall that was the year of disastrous royal icing which sets like concrete on my in-laws pristine new kitchen bench. Joy to the world.

Gingerbread Flat Packed

The third house – my all time favourite, was the mid-century modern interpretation. Oh the fifties!

Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House

Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House

The fourth house I decided needed a swimming pool – well it is the middle of summer here in Australia! It was based on the Rose Seidler House in Sydney and was technically quite the construction to undertake. Gingerbread house with pool

I’m moving to Hong Kong in 10 days time and I honestly don’t know if I’ll get to make a gingerbread house this year. I don’t even know if I’ll have an oven when we get there!  Although looking back through all these piccies I desperately want to! Do you make gingerbread?

You can find my gingerbread recipe here:

13 thoughts on “The gingerbread house

  1. Long ago we used to make gingerbread houses…such fun! My parents were always given one in which the roof came off and it was filled with cookies. Perhaps you can make a modified one in Hong Kong – I have made them with children at school out of graham crackers and it worked surprisingly well.

  2. These are amazing! I love the little details like the mushrooms, marshmellows covered in chocolate and those adorable cinnamon logs!! You have inspired me to attempt to make a gingerbread house :D!

  3. Hey, new to blogging read your intro interesting, love your creativity I do a little bit my self when not working. Thanks for sharing!

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