Etsy and all things Emerald

Emerald Hot Air Balloons

To say it’s been a big couple of weeks here would be a massive understatement. There has been much packing, lots of stitching, some drinking of cocktails, farewells and celebrations. My Emerald Hot Air Balloons have been hanging in the Etsy Pop Up Shop in Sydney which is so exciting – there are gorgeous wares from some very talented designers all over Australia and I’m so honoured to be part of it. Go check it out – it’s open until the 12th of December on Castlereagh street.



Sending the emerald balloons I had created for the Bondville Charity Auction meant that I had to whip another mobile up last week. I’ve been sneaking in sewing early in the morning, at soccer matches, doing school pick-up and any other moment I could possibly spare. So here’s the past week or so in pictures…








emerald_balloon_stitchballoon_bunting_cut  emerald_balloon_assembled    emerald_balloon_green_stripe


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