The orient express

After much de-stashing, packing, storing, shipping and flying we have arrived in Hong Kong! I like to call it the Orient Express – everything has happened at warp speed in the last few weeks. 
Hong Kong Central
So let’s go back to where we were packing up…Thank you so much to everyone who commented with ideas on what to do with my stash. I ended up putting some in storage (this filled a whole filing cabinet!) and donating the majority to charity. I found a wonderful group called Blanket Lovez who make quilts for sick kids. More on what I learnt in the great destash of 2013 in my next post!

I have to confess that I did ship some fabric to Hong Kong, I just couldn’t bear to part with some of my Amy Butler and Tula Pink numbers. I think opening that box in three weeks time will be even better than Christmas!

Fabric Stash Favourites
Packing up our entire life in Sydney was a two week affair. I’ve moved overseas before but doing it with kids was a whole new ball game. By day I was running around between school, kindy, activities and parks. By night we were logistics nijas madly booking accomodation, flights, finding schools… sorting, packing, organising. Then we had a wonderful whirlwind of farewells, Christmas parties and goodbyes.

In the midst of this I was overcome with pee your pants excitement when the Wall Street Journal featured my gingerbread house. Yes, you read that correctly… WSJ. Woot.

Wall street Journal gingerbread house feature

By the time I got on the plane I was completely exhausted but somewhat comforted by a Gin and Tonic and the knowledge that I had managed to sneak a vintage sewing box filled with essential supplies into the 100kg of luggage. I cannot be in a new country without so much as a needle, thread, felt, perle, buttons… ahem… and other bits now can I? Especially as I have been this week’s Sewing superstar over on the fabulous Cut Out n’ Keep. 


So here I am. A glass of wine in hand and a head filled with possibilities for a crafty future in Hong Kong. It’s certainly been a wild ride so far but I wouldn’t have it any other way. May I long be in the front row!

Sit in the front row


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