East meets west this Christmas

Ninjabread Man Ornament

This is a Christmas like no other. Normally I’d be baking gingerbread, decorating a fresh cut Christmas tree, sewing up a storm of stockings and nibbling away on mince pies and mangoes (well it is summer in Australia!).

Here in Hong Kong I find myself without a sewing machine, an oven…or even a real Christmas tree, which is probably just as well as all of our Christmas lights and ornaments ended up in the “storage” pile and are now locked away in a warehouse for 3 years. We’re in a temporary apartment that is smaller than a shoebox and you could say getting into the spirit has been a bit tough.

Christmas craft supplies
Not all is lost and once more crafting has saved the day. You see I stashed some supplies in my luggage and this week pulled out some felt, fabric and thread. I’m embracing this “East meets West” Christmas in the form of ninjabread men.

Ninjabread Man
Ninjabread man stitching
Mr 6-year-old, ever the art director, helped me design these little men with candy cane swords which are now happily hanging in the shoebox apartment.
Ninjabread man stitching
Ninjabread Man Ornament
It was an awesome crafteroon of christmas movies, stitching and munching on candy canes. Ninjabread Man Ornament
We even managed to make some stars out of recycled cardboard and washi tape.
Washi Tape Star
On the bright side, you also can see the ninja bread men and washi stars from every corner of the tiny apartment – now that’s the spirit!







15 thoughts on “East meets west this Christmas

  1. Hi Claire, my name is Da Da and I’m living in H.K.(Kowloon side). I just discovered your blog on yesterday when I’m searching for “Mushroom…. tutorial…” 🙂

    I can’t stop laughing when I saw you said your apartment is “smaller than a shoebox”. You’re right, but you’re not alone, coz I think 99.9% of us are living in shoebox, too! Haha….

    Enjoy your time in Hong Kong!!

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