Why do we craft?

It’s a new year in a new city and I have big dreams. I find January always prompts a bit of naval gazing – you know, the belly button type, not the hot looking man in a sailor suit. I digress.

Mostly I’ve been pondering what in God’s name makes me so obsessed with craft? It seems I’m not alone here, there’s something that compels sane women all over the world to dive into projects with gay abandon. Something that makes us swoon over fabric, felt, yarn and new crafty accessories.

The thing is…

Craft time is me time. It’s a quiet moment. The passing of time. A smile in the mind. An antidote to the craziness of the world.


Craft is a journey. It takes courage to embrace the beautiful imperfection of handmade. The tiny uneven stitches. The “design features”. The un-picking. The weaving ends in.

Are we all mad?

I don’t think so. To make is to be human. It’s global, primal and wonderful. The necessity of making is long gone, we craft these days because we want to. Using our hands is almost a luxury, an indulgence in precious time and gorgeous materials.

The satisfaction I get from crafting can’t be measured. It’s a joy that can’t be compared and certainly  can’t be bought. I treasure the doing as much as having done. You see to me it’s not just making stuff. It’s making happy. And a handmade gift? Well that’s simply love made visible.

Does this ring true for you? How did you feel last time you made something with your hands? I’d love to hear your thoughts on why you craft and why you love it, or hate it?


33 thoughts on “Why do we craft?

  1. Yes,absolutely true for me! I agree with you that such satisfaction cannot be bought that comes through creating new things and working on the ideas floating in my mind stream!

  2. I could have written this post! So similar are my feelings! I have always liked making things, it’s my go to thing. It keeps me sane! I love making and I love being part of a community that loves making and appreciates the making!!

  3. It’s an addiction, a lovely healthy one. I love that I start with some fabric and thread and when I am done I have made something that will last for many years. The community of creative people is so embracing and inclusive and supportive it’s wonderful to be part of it.

  4. So true for the sane women out there who go to sleep at night and their brains are only dreaming of new craft projects, just like me! 🙂 Yes,your post echoes my sentiments about crafting too, thanks!

  5. I fully agree with your post, taking quiet time to make things with my hands keeps me sane and happy! However, the reason I love crafting is because the things I make to need to have a function in the world.

    Like making art, I receive the same pleasures of time spent immersed in an activity and enjoying the process, but with craft I know the product will have a purpose – either for me or a very dear loved one! It validates my creativity in a way beyond artistic expression… or, that just might be me?

  6. OMG I needed to find & read this post so much at this point in the what has been a very … challenging month. Sharing w/ several of my crafting friends and will be re-reading many times to come. Thank you.

  7. I am new to the Crafty world, starting on really easy projects….and although the things I am making look like they have been made by a child, I feel a sense of pride that I am learning something new for me – I am looking forward to being happy with the imperfections and getting better! x

    • Oh do keep going Hannah, especially blogging about it too. It’s amazing to look back over what you’ve made and see how far you’ve come. I look back at the things I was making back in 2007 and shudder, but then I also remember how much I loved creating them no matter how wonky my stitching was. Stick with it!

  8. I agree – I need to craft – it seriously keeps me sane and is much cheaper than a therapist!

    It is a compulsion, and I can not fight it. It really is my happy place.

    • Haha… you’re right Cat, imagine all of our therapy bills without crafting! Someone should put together a cost comparison for husbands and other halves between craft materials and therapy sessions. I may just have to do that in another post!

  9. For me I think it is an outlet for my creative side, especially when other aspects of my life may not be so creative. I would love to spend all day making / designing but maybe it is because I can’t do that, that I enjoy the time I can so much more. I love the whole process from finding inspiration to thinking about the design and colours to the actual making. It is always disappointing when things don’t go as you wished, but you can learn from mistakes.

    • Kirsten that’s so true, I think there’s extra pleasure to be had from crafting and creativity when it’s not your day job. Isn’t the process wonderful? Once upon I time I used to race through it to get to the finished product, now I truly enjoy the process and sometimes I’m almost sad when it’s finished. Crazy but true.

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