Spotty and dotty

I have a thing for dots at the moment. Not the perfectly aligned, dumb dot or honeycomb kind. The hand drawn, not quite perfectly spaced kind.

Vareigated thread

So I’ve started randomly embroidering dots on fabric scraps to turn into a cushion cover for our new Hong Kong apartment. I’m using a vareigated rayon thread that was used to embellish our wedding invitations and candles (eeek….nearly eight years ago… does that make it vintage?).


Yes, I’m a hoarder of all things crafty and overly sentimental about a skein of thread but even if nobody else has a clue about it’s significance, I do. Every time I look at this cushion I’ll remember our wedding day.

needlepoint dot using satin stitch

It’s a great little project because I can literally do one dot in a five minute kid free window and then put it down again. I’m using satin stitch and just keep going over and over my stitches until I’m happy with the shape. This technique creates a raised kind of a dot which I like. I wrote in the last post a piece about learning to love imperfection and this is a great example. I like the texture of imperfection and the interesting ways the thread sits over itself in each dot. Because the thread is vareigated the colours vary from spot to spot too.


embroidered dots


Is anyone else sentimental about their craft stash? I also kept all the ribbon from bouquets of flowers when my first son was born and used them to create this little Tag Monster. My husband thinks I’m nuts!



6 thoughts on “Spotty and dotty

  1. Oh yes. If you enter my upstairs studio you could write the story of my life from what you find there…scrap books from when I was in middle school, buttons from baby clothes, taffeta from my daughter’s wedding gown. There is a stash of my dads sweaters, he passed away a few years ago, but I am making things from them. Ribbons from my daughter’s onpoint ballet shoes…It goes on and on and on. Sometimes I go in there to make something and just sit and remember.

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