Chinese New Year colour Inspiration

Prosperity. Abundance. Joy. Family.

If I had to sum up Chinese New Year in Hong Kong these would be these words say it all. I allowed myself a few hours yesterday to discover Chinese New Year Hong Kong Style. I’ve never experienced lunar new year in an Asian city and, wow, they really go to town. I expected dragons, lanterns and lots of red… but I’m blown away by the warmth and celebration that is New Year here. It’s the cusp of spring and the flowers everywhere are breathtaking.Β The warmth of glazed cherry red with sparkly gold and tones of cherry blossom pink that adorn the city are just gorgeous.

Chinese New Year Colour Inspiration


I’m not usually one for pink but I’m just loving the warmth of these colours all layered and singing together. Welcome to the year of the Horse.


Kung Hei Fat Choi.


9 thoughts on “Chinese New Year colour Inspiration

    • Aren’t they gorgeous! I’m not always one for pink but the reds and yellows and pinks together have so caught my eye. Perhaps it’s because I’m in such a big grey city now and it’s winter, the warmth in these colours is just so appealing.

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