There’s no place like home


The past few weeks have been all about making our new apartment in Hong Kong a home. Three bedrooms of white walls, white tiles (faux marble if you don’t mind), white ceilings and windows looking out to the skyscrapers of the Island. It was a completely blank canvas.

We landed in Hong Kong without a stick of furniture but with a little re-location sum in our pockets. In a moment of bravery I decided not to bring any furniture with us from Sydney thinking that it either wouldn’t fit or my precious vintage pieces would get damaged in transit. The boys had outgrown their beds too.

Rubbing my hands together with glee, I explored pretty much every nook of Hong Kong Island. My theory was Ikea for basics, local stores for investment pieces like our bed along with Etsy and some very clever international designers for embellishment. I wouldn’t say it’s quite home yet but I thought I’d share our lounge and dining room with you…


Schmaft Lounge Room

The gorgeous map cushions are by the very talented Cath at My Bearded Pigeon (etsy). For the dotty cushion I embroidered spots onto remnant fabric with thread from our wedding invitations then sewed the whole lot together.



Spot and Map Cushions

Pretty Pegs furniture legs for our Ikea Karlstad couch – these are such a genius idea from Sweden. Hong Kong Ovo Sutio oak side tables and the black “Don’t leave me” table from Hay. I’m in love with the versatility of these three little tables. The portable DLM makes an almost “gold cinema class” table between us with wine and cheese on it. I brought over the beginnings of my vintage camera collection and hope to add to it while we’re here!

Oak side tables DLM table

Lights are by NUD from my new favourite store eclectic-cool in POHO Hong Kong. They’re hanging on Ikea Ekby Valter shelving racks – love an Ikea Hack hack! We can’t drill into the wall so these are help up with a slathering double sided table. The pink was a brave move but I think it works (my kids think I’m a princess).

Nud light

Nud light Ikea Hack

I splashed out on our danish dining table but went basic with the ikea chairs and the vintage posters we shipped over from home.  It’s a completely different look from our Sydney place but I’ve loved putting it together. It’s almost feeling like home. Still work to be done on the kids room and I have crafty plans for the little entrance hall.  but for now it makes me smile.

Dining table and chairs


32 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. It looks great! I am really interested to see how your apartment comes together and where you find things – we are moving to HK on March 1st so I will be doing all of this in a couple of months myself!

    • Thanks Jodie, it has been a lot of fun although the shopping here has been challenging at times. It’s all in highrise so you have to use the lifts to get to stores but you never know which floor you need to go to (being new) so it’s pot luck whether you end up on the pet supplies floor, furniture stores, fashion or deli’s. Madness.

  2. Although I am a huge lover of the country kitchen look I am also a massive fan of contemporary design. I love the whole new contemporary feel to your rooms and that pop of pink colour looks fab! I have sent you a few e-mails Claire but know how manic this period of time must be for you settling into a new home and country. When you get a moment could you let me know how we move forward re: me purchasing the license from you for making/selling your hot air balloons xxx

      • Me too Claire; 1 weaving project, 2 crochet projects and I’m learning dressmaking in the evenings as well as a fledgling blog (I’m a newbie)…think I should just pick one for now and actually finish it!
        Looking forward to seeing your next project – always inspirational.

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