A balloon update

I’ve had lots of gorgeous emails and messages from customers desperately seeking Hot Air Balloon Kits and fabric panels. Most of my stock in Sydney was snapped up in December and January from the Craft Schmaft Etsy and Big Cartel stores. Although there are a few panels and kits left I hear you on the demand for all the colour ways, especially circus and sunshine. Well, fear not! More stock is coming in all the colour ways and there are some very exciting new developments in the pipeline too.

Hot Air Balloons in SunshineHong Kong is quite a hub for the textile trade and that’s opening up all sorts of opportunities for Craft Schmaft. It opens up all sorts of temptation for stash therapy too but that’s a whole other blog post. So thanks for all your patience and I hope to be able to share some big news and new products with you very soon.

In the meantime, if you can’t buy them… win them. The very talented Renegade Seamstress is having a give-away of the Pink Petals kit over on her blog. 

Hot Air Balloon Mobile Vintage Pink


Click here to enter the Hot Air Balloon Kit give-away.

Etsy and all things Emerald

Emerald Hot Air Balloons

To say it’s been a big couple of weeks here would be a massive understatement. There has been much packing, lots of stitching, some drinking of cocktails, farewells and celebrations. My Emerald Hot Air Balloons have been hanging in the Etsy Pop Up Shop in Sydney which is so exciting – there are gorgeous wares from some very talented designers all over Australia and I’m so honoured to be part of it. Go check it out – it’s open until the 12th of December on Castlereagh street.



Sending the emerald balloons I had created for the Bondville Charity Auction meant that I had to whip another mobile up last week. I’ve been sneaking in sewing early in the morning, at soccer matches, doing school pick-up and any other moment I could possibly spare. So here’s the past week or so in pictures…








emerald_balloon_stitchballoon_bunting_cut  emerald_balloon_assembled    emerald_balloon_green_stripe

The Big Shop Update

Huzzah! I was busy last week updating the Craft Schmaft store with brand new balloon kits, woof kits, fabric panels and more. It would have happened sooner but each of these new designs sold out at the Markets and Fairs in June (yes, I’m quietly beaming about that).  Enough of me big noting, I’ll let the piccies do the talking.Hot Air Balloon Mobile Kit - Emerald

DIY Hot Air Balloon Kit – Emerald City
DIY Hot Air Balloon Kit - Emerald City

Hot Air Balloon Craft Kit – Contents

Carnivale Hot Air Balloon Fabric

Carnivale Hot Air Balloon Fabric Panel

Hot Air Balloon Kit in Carnivale

Hot Air Balloon Kit in Carnivale

New Sock Toy Kits

New Sock Toy Kits – Woof Woof Sock Dogs and TV Signal Baby Zilla


Visit the Craft Schmaft store www.craftschmaft.bigcartel.com or shop in $US in the Etsy store.




stitch, pack…. coffee … stitch, pack pack!

Carnival Balloons

May madness is upon us at Craft Schmaft. I’ve been so lucky to have wonderful friends Belinda, Rachel and my super mum helping to get everything ready for markets. Here’s where you’ll find me over the next few weeks:

It’s been a flurry of activity but last night I looked back at the growing stacks of patterns, fabric and kits all ready to go and had a little proud moment.

vintage_cabinet_2 Move over plates. The vintage cabinet is no longer filled with crockery, instead it’s filled with beautifully folded fabric panels, boxes of owl kits and baby zillas galore. Being a complete craft addict I think I prefer it this way.


The balloons have all been stitched up….balloons_in_progress
…and named Carnival. Thank you so much for all the name suggestions!

Hot Air Balloons carnival

So now there’s just flamingo patterns to arrive today and be packed and a few stand display bits. Must be time for another coffee.


Hot Air Balloon App launches!

Perhaps it’s the geek in me but I think that when technology and handmade come together amazing things happen. Just look at pinterest. Before taking the leap into crafty business I was a digital creative director making campaigns for big ad agencies. Today I’m launching a project that combines my two great loves – digital and craft.

I’ve been working on turning the Hot Air Balloon Mobile pattern into a Hot Air Balloon Tutorial app since late last year and I’m so proud to say it’s now singing and dancing in the iTunes store. Not only that but it’s the first sewing pattern app to be released, which I have to pinch myself to believe. First, people, first!


Click here to have a sneak peek…

I wanted to share more than just words on a screen to inspire and enable people to get hands on. I worked with an incredible team to shoot video demonstrations and gorgeous photography (thanks Meg and Matt!) for the app that accompanies step-by-step instructions and pattern pieces. There’s also a video stitch glossary and a gallery that I hope to fill with images of your mobiles so please send them in!

mobile loop from Craft Schmaft on Vimeo.

The Hot Air Balloon Tutorial App is now available on itunes for a special launch price of just US$4.99 for all my wonderful blog, pinterest and facebook followers. 

So thank you for being patient while it’s been quiet around here, I hope you like the app, I’d love to hear your feedback.

P.S. Android version coming soon too! P.P.S It may take a few minutes to download with all the beautiful videos and photography.

Emerald balloons

I’m on my way to Melbourne Finders Keepers market as I type this but I wanted to share the final cut of the Emerald balloons. It was a tough choice, thanks so much for your comments! Now I’m off to hang. Them on them at the stand. Fingers crossed they’re a hit.


Emerald Easter stitching

Hot Air Balloons in progress


I’ve been inspired by all things green lately. It began with Pantone’s colour of the year, Emerald, spruiked as lively, radiant and lush. A sydney summer with tropical plants and green lawns played a part and the deal was sealed when I watched original The Wizard of Oz. Oh that vintage Emerald City!



So I got to designing some more balloon fabric and have snuck in some stitching time over easter. I love the way that blues and aqua greens play together and that you never quite know how it’s all going to look once they’re sewn up into balloons.


Now it’s just matter of choosing the final four for my new Emerald City hot air balloon kits and fabric panels. Tough choice. Normally as soon as I see the fabric samples printed a few jump out and a few can easily be binned. Not so much this time. There’s been a flurry of conversation over on facebook and instagram as to which balloons should make the cut. So far it’s looking like the solid colours will go, but I’m going to finish each of them beforeI make a final decision. I feel strangely attached to all of them. What do you think… ? I’d love your opinion too.


New Bunny and Balloon kits

They were a sell out at the Stitches & Craft show and I promised to get them up online, and here they are. Funny Tummy Bunny  and new individual hot air balloon kits are up in the Craft Schmaft store and on Etsy.

redstripe_landscapeball_pinwheel_package ball_pinwheel_fabric  triangle_balloon_contents triangle_balloon_package


Here was I thinking that the red stripe would sell out the fastest but let me tell you the pinwheel kits flew off the stand, closely followed by the triangles.



Not to be outdone, the funny bunny in white and fawn was so popular I was madly packing extra kits each night after the show closed!


Up and away


The individual hot air balloons are up and away – Pinwheel (above), The Red Stripe and Triangles. They’ve been stitched, filled, trimmed and flown for their photo shoot. Fabric panels have arrived, new packaging is on it’s way, patterns have been printed.  By the end of next week, as I set up at Stitches and Craft in Sydney, these lovelies will be ready for sale as kits and fabric panels.



Now I know most of you aren’t in Sydney and I love that! So for you fabulous blog readers I’m going to put them up in the online store next week. Yep. You’ll have first dibs.


Thank you so much for all your comments, input and support – I’ve loved every minute of making these. pinwheel_balloon_ongrey

Balloons balloons balloons

Balloon making has continued! From all of the samples I was working on last week I’ve narrowed it down to three for the Stitches and Craft Show.

redstripe_balloon basket_stitch

The red stripe is a must! So many of you have asked for it at Finders Keepers markets.

clouds  triangles_balloon

And I’m loving this triangle design so that one has to be in.

pinwheel_balloon cloud_stitching

Then there’s my personal favourite, the pinwheels. Oh the colours! I hope to be back with my DSLR later this week so I can show you better pics but I’ve had such a ball creating these that I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Now it’s full scale production for the Stitches and Craft show in Sydney and I hope to have them available in the online store and Etsy from about the 5th of March. Woot!